Villa Oliva

How Villa Oliva came to be

The property was acquired in 2015 and we refurbished the old houses that were in complete ruins, respecting their original rustic architecture. We tried to keep the main architectural features, known as the Popular Algarve Architecture. The former residents were dedicated to agriculture and cattle raising.

In the 10,000 square meters we planted about 600 olive trees. We kept some of the old olive trees and also some alfarrobeiras.

Together with this plantation we thought it would be a good idea to have a Rural Tourism unit.

We invite you to go for a stroll in our property among the olive trees, see for yourself and enjoy the peaceful environment.

Some years later, we acquired another property, about 100 meters away, just opposite. We refurbished, maintaining the original architecture. We have also planted about 200 olive trees and we have a Local Lodging Unit operation there.

Villa Oliva

Moncarapacho village

Moncarapacho is a small agricultural town, northeast of Olhão. It is a charming place more of a village than a town, with cobbled streets, a variety of cafes and restaurants, some very ancient churches, a small museum, and lots of pretty doorways and colourful buildings.

The Village is located 25 minutes away from the Faro airport and 17 minutes from the centre of Olhão.

The centre of Moncarapacho has a charming square shaded by palm trees and jacarandas. This is the perfect place to relax as there are a few benches and outdoors cafés where you can sit down and order a drink, whilst watching people go about their business.

It is also in this square that you will find the parish church of Moncarapacho, Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Graça. The church has medieval roots but was rebuilt during the Renaissance period.

Near Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Graça, there is an ancient chapel called Capela de Santo Cristo. This chapel was built in 17th century and has walls covered with pretty tiles and a barrel vault ceiling. There is a religious museum attached to the chapel which features a collection of sacred objects, as well as a few archaeological artefacts that have been discovered in the region. The museum is open from Monday to Friday and the entrance is free.

The town offers all basic facilities, including three small supermarkets and a small local produce market.

Moncarapacho has a market on the first Sunday of each month.

Carnival is also a popular celebration in Moncarapacho and usually takes place in February or March. People dress up in costumes and join together to see the colourful parades.

Outside the town are the hills of Cerro da Cabeça and São Miguel, two wild areas in which you can walk and enjoy spectacular views of the Eastern Algarve Coast.

There is also a good ceramic factory shop on the edge of the town which is locally noteworthy.

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